BKC Media is a relatively small full-service multimedia agency, but we nevertheless serve major national and international clients with great success. And we are proud to have long-standing relationships with the vast majority of our clients.

Online Marketing

We know our way around the web, and we also know the target groups. We know how to appeal to them, and how to generate trafficto your site or web app. Together, we devise a suitable strategy.


We enjoy developing eLearning programmes, a process that brings all the qualities of BKC Media together.


At BKC Media, we often combine the commercial message of theeDetail with eLearning elements for a subject that is relevant to the target group.


Webcasts are presentations or symposia that are posted on the internet, usually a combination of video and slides. We can broadcast the recording live and/or make it available afterwards.

Web Development

We believe that there is a solution to every question … provided the question is expressed in the right way.


We really do build websites. But we prefer to build sites with extras, websites that entail the extensive use of interactive components and inspirational video clips, and which have a logical and accessible structure.


It is evident that there is an increasing demand for applications for mobile phones and tablets. Well, that’s lucky! We make them as well!

Video production

BKC Media has existed for 40 years, and with our history we know the art of good-quality video programmes better than anyone else.

Animation / infographics

In our applications, we often use the power of animated infographicsto explain something.