We enjoy developing eLearning programmes, a process that brings all the qualities of BKC Media together. Studying from a screen or tablet is very different to learning from a book. eLearning is intended to make learning easier. It should challenge you and motivate you; there is no reason why learning should not be fun. Producing a good eLearning programme requires creativity, pedagogic insight, and an eagerness to learn. When devising eLearning programmes, we always ask ourselves whether or not we understand it, whether we could explain it in clearer terms, whether it loses its fascination, or whether it is not too difficult or too easy.

We develop custom-made software, or we use existing software packages, by Lectora, for example. The choice often depends on the available budget. In many cases, a standard solution is less costly at first than a custom-made solution. However, standard solutions have many limitations. The creative possibilities and flexibility in the structure of custom-built training courses are often well worth the investment, especially if the course consists of multiple modules. Once the platform is created, subsequent modules can be built more quickly, while the difference with a standard solution, as far as costs are concerned, is not that great anymore.

Naturally our eLearning applications can be linked to an Electronic Learning Environment (or Learning Management System). We also have an automatic connection to the system in which accreditation points are recorded for the health care sector.