An eDetail is an online product presentation that ‘replaces’ the representative. This medium enjoys widespread use in pharma marketing for the purpose of promoting medication among doctors, but could also undoubtedly be a useful marketing tool in other sectors.

At BKC Media, we often combine the commercial message of the eDetail with eLearning

elements for a subject that is relevant to the target group. This makes it easier to generate traffic to an eDetail. Visitors stay on the pages for longer and the commercial message comes across more trustworthy.

We also like building ‘smart’ applications. We can show varying content based on the knowledge that we have built up about a particular visitor. Another option is to allow each visitor to follow a different path within an application so that the message is conveyed ‘custom‑made’ to them and, similarly, so that you can ‘tailor’ your questions accordingly. The possibilities are endless …