Web Development

We believe that there is a solution to every question … provided the question is expressed in the right way. The solution frequently lies in reformulating the question. We first try to establish why there is a need for something. It is only afterwards that the question ‘what?’ arises. That ‘what’ can take all kinds of forms – a tool perhaps, or a plug-in, an entire website, or a digital catalogue with a management interface. Or an app, web app, or a game … We love coming up with ideas!

Only when the goal is clear do we proceed. We work according to an agile method that has much in common with SCRUM. This means we remain flexible throughout every stage. Should we or the client gain new insights along the way, we can incorporate them.

Web development is not just the work of technicians. On the contrary, when developing an application, we work in a close-knit team of script and concept writers, designers, front-end and back-end developers, and a team leader. The team leader ensures that the client’s wishes and the work of the team remain closely aligned; he or she is also the fixed point of contact for the client.

So, whatever the question may be, we have every confidence that we can build the answer!