We are quite special!

We are modest by nature: shouting from the rooftops is not really our thing, but we are pretty special! BKC Media is a relatively small full-service multimedia agency, but we nevertheless serve major national and international clients with great success. And we are proud to have long-standing relationships with the vast majority of our clients.

BKC Media has been around for 40 years! The media world has seen quite a few developments in that time. So have we – in spite of our long history and our roots in the trade, there is nothing old-fashioned about BKC. We are at the forefront when it comes to new developments. We conceive new concepts and we are inventive in our solutions.

Our experience and our knowledge of the market means we do not have to swim with the tide or come up with a clever solution for the sake of it. We like thinking up and developing custom‑made solutions, and we are not afraid to explore new ground. At the same time, we do have a practical approach.

Whether it concerns eLearning, eDetailing, video production, web(app) or custom made web development, we build very attractive and functional products injected with a healthy dose of creativity.